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The development of herbicide-tolerant transgenic crops Review Article

Tsaftaris, A
Field Crops Research. 1996 May. 45(3-Jan):115-123

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DOI: 10.1016/0378-4290(95)00064-X ISSN: 0378-4290


Herbicide treatments of crops allow economic weed control and provide cost-effective increases in agricultural productivity. Although herbicides currently in use combine a high degree of effectiveness with favourable production costs, non-toxicity and rapid biodegradation, some lack selectivity, thus limiting their use to preemergence applications. Engineering herbicide tolerance into crops is a new way of conferring selectivity and enhancing crop safety and production. This article reviews the engineering of tolerance into crops. Both the methods and the type of DNA construct used for each engineering plant species are described. Use of A. tumefaciens for engineering herbicide-tolerant crops is exemplified by the development of sweet red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) transgenic plants tolerant to phosphinothricin. Emphasis is given on the strategies used for constructing tolerant plants for the different herbicides used today. Specific examples are analyzed for each strategy, namely: (a) amplification of internal genes; (b) transfer of genes coding for herbicide-tolerant enzymes; and (c) transfer of genes coding for herbicide-modifying enzymes.


Capsicum annuum; Phosphinotricin; Resistance; Herbicide; Review; Strategy; Transgenic plants; Weed control


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  • programme BIOTEC
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  • European Union
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  • government

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Tsaftaris, A. "The development of herbicide-tolerant transgenic crops." Field Crops Research 45.3-Jan (1996): 115-123. Web. 28 May. 2024.


Tsaftaris, A. (1996). The development of herbicide-tolerant transgenic crops. Field Crops Research, 45(3-Jan), 115-123. doi:10.1016/0378-4290(95)00064-X

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