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Plant biotechnology for crop improvement Review Article

Pauls, KP
Biotechnology Advances. 1995 13(4):673–693

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PMID: 14536369 DOI: 10.1016/0734-9750(95)02010-1 ISSN: 0734-9750


The typical crop improvement cycle takes 10-15 years to complete and includes germplasm manipulations, genotype selection and stabilization, variety testing, variety increase, proprietary protection and crop production stages. Plant tissue culture and genetic engineering procedures that form the basis of plant biotechnology can contribute to most of these crop improvement stages. This review provides an overview of the opportunities presented by the integration of plant biotechnology into plant improvement efforts and raises some of the societal issues that need to be considered in their application.


Plant biotechnology; crop improvement; genetic engineering; plant tissue culture


Funding source
  • University of Guelph
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  • Canada
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  • government

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Pauls, KP. "Plant biotechnology for crop improvement." Biotechnology Advances 13.4 (1995): 673–693. Web. 22 Jun. 2024.


Pauls, KP. (1995). Plant biotechnology for crop improvement. Biotechnology Advances, 13(4), 673–693. doi:10.1016/0734-9750(95)02010-1

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