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  • Peer-reviewed journal article
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  • review
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  • tomato
  • apple
  • grape
  • carrot
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  • quality
  • USA


  • positive effect

Biology and genetic engineering of fruit maturation for enhanced quality and shelf-life Review Article

Matas, AJ; Gapper, NE; Chung, MY; Giovannoni, JJ; Rose, JK
Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 2009 April. 20(2):197–203

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PMID: 19339169 DOI: 10.1016/j.copbio.2009.02.015 ISSN: 0958-1669


Commercial regulation of ripening is currently achieved through early harvest, by controlling the postharvest storage atmosphere and genetic selection for slow or late ripening varieties. Although these approaches are often effective, they are not universally applicable and often result in acceptable, but poor quality, products. With increased understanding of the molecular biology underlying ripening and the advent of genetic engineering technologies, researchers have pursued new strategies to address problems in fruit shelf-life and quality. These have been guided by recent insights into mechanisms by which ethylene and a complex network of transcription factors regulate ripening, and by an increased appreciation of factors that contribute to shelf-life, such as the fruit cuticle.


postharvest storage, shelf-life, ripening


Funding source
  • National Science Foundation
  • US-Israel Binational Science Foundation
  • New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
Funding country
  • United States
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
Funding type
  • government

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Matas, AJ, NE Gapper, MY Chung, JJ Giovannoni, JK Rose. "Biology and genetic engineering of fruit maturation for enhanced quality and shelf-life." Current Opinion in Biotechnology 20.2 (2009): 197–203. Web. 28 May. 2024.


Matas, AJ., Gapper, NE., Chung, MY., Giovannoni, JJ., & Rose, JK. (2009). Biology and genetic engineering of fruit maturation for enhanced quality and shelf-life. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 20(2), 197–203. doi:10.1016/j.copbio.2009.02.015

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