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  • Peer-reviewed journal article
Study Type
  • digestion
GE organism
  • maize
GE trait
  • insect resistance
  • Germany


Safety for consumption
  • no effect

Degradation of Cry1Ab protein from genetically modified maize in the bovine gastrointestinal tract

Lutz, B; Wiedemann, S; Einspanier, R; Mayer, J; Albrecht, C
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2005 February. 53(5):1453-1456

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PMID: 15740023 DOI: 10.1021/jf049222x


Immunoblotting assays using commercial antibodies were established to investigate the unexpected persistence of the immunoactive Cry1Ab protein in the bovine gastrointestinal tract (GIT) previously suggested by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Samples of two different feeding experiments in cattle were analyzed with both ELISA and immunoblotting methods. Whereas results obtained by ELISA suggested that the concentration of the Cry1Ab protein increased during the GIT passage, the immunoblotting assays revealed a significant degradation of the protein in the bovine GIT. Samples showing a positive signal in the ELISA consisted of fragmented Cry1Ab protein of approximately 17 and 34 kDa size. Two independent sets of gastrointestinal samples revealed the apparent discrepancy between the results obtained by ELISA and immunoblotting, suggesting that the antibody used in the ELISA reacts with fragmented yet immunoactive epitopes of the Cry1Ab protein. It was concluded that Cry1Ab protein is degraded during digestion in cattle. To avoid misinterpretation, samples tested positive for Cry1Ab protein by ELISA should be reassessed by another technique.


ELISA; Cry1Ab protein; genetically modified plants; feed analysis; feeding experiments; immunoblotting; digestion


Funding source
  • German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology
  • Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Funding country
  • Germany
Funding type
  • government

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Lutz, B, S Wiedemann, R Einspanier, J Mayer, C Albrecht. "Degradation of Cry1Ab protein from genetically modified maize in the bovine gastrointestinal tract." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53.5 (2005): 1453-1456. Web. 22 Jun. 2024.


Lutz, B., Wiedemann, S., Einspanier, R., Mayer, J., & Albrecht, C. (2005). Degradation of Cry1Ab protein from genetically modified maize in the bovine gastrointestinal tract. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53(5), 1453-1456. doi:10.1021/jf049222x

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