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Document type
  • Peer-reviewed journal article
GE organism
  • sweet pepper, tomato
GE trait
  • disease resistance
  • China


Safety for consumption
  • no effect

Safety assessment for genetically modified sweet pepper and tomato

Chen, ZL; Gu, H; Li, Y; Su, Y; Wu, P; Jiang, Z; Ming, X; Tian, J; Pan, N; Qu, LJ
Toxicology. 2003 June. 188(3-Feb):297–307

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PMID: 12767699 DOI: 10.1016/S0300-483X(03)00111-2 ISSN: 0300-483X


The coat protein (CP) gene of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) was cloned from a Chinese CMV isolate, the CaMV promoter and NOS terminator added and the gene construct was transformed into both sweet pepper and tomato plants to confer resistance to CMV. Safety assessments of these genetically modified (GM) plants were conducted. It was found that these two GM products showed no genotoxicity either in vitro or in vivo by the micronucleus test, sperm aberration test and Ames test. Animal feeding studies showed no significant differences in growth, body weight gain, food consumption, hematology, blood biochemical indices, organ weights and histopathology between rats or mice of either sex fed with either GM sweet pepper or tomato diets compared with those with non-GM diets. These results demonstrate that the CMV-resistant sweet pepper and tomato are comparable to the non-GM counterparts in terms of food safety.


GM plants; Safety assessment; CMV-cp; Feeding test


Funding source
  • National Priority Basic Research Programs of PR China: Biosafety Study on GMOs of Agricultural Importance
  • National Special Projects for Transgenic Plants
  • Rockefeller Foundation
Funding country
  • China
  • United States
Funding type
  • government
  • NGO: independent

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Chen, ZL, H Gu, Y Li, Y Su, P Wu, Z Jiang, X Ming, J Tian, N Pan, LJ Qu. "Safety assessment for genetically modified sweet pepper and tomato." Toxicology 188.3-Feb (2003): 297–307. Web. 14 Jul. 2024.


Chen, ZL., Gu, H., Li, Y., Su, Y., Wu, P., Jiang, Z., Ming, X., Tian, J., Pan, N., & Qu, LJ. (2003). Safety assessment for genetically modified sweet pepper and tomato. Toxicology, 188(3-Feb), 297–307. doi:10.1016/S0300-483X(03)00111-2

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