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  • insect resistance
  • USA


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Evaluation of transgenic event 176 "Bt" corn in broiler chickens. Open Access

Brake, J; Vlachos, D
Poultry Science . 1998 May. 77(5):648-653

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PMID: 9603350 ISSN: 0032-5791


A 38-d feeding study evaluated whether standard broiler diets prepared with transgenic Event 176-derived "Bt" corn (maize) grain had any adverse effects on male or female broiler chickens as compared to diets prepared with nontransgenic (isogenic) control corn grain. No statistically significant differences in survival or BW were observed between birds reared on mash or pelleted diets prepared with transgenic corn and similar diets prepared using control corn. Broilers raised on diets prepared from the transgenic corn exhibited significantly better feed conversion ratios and improved yield of the Pectoralis minor breast muscle. Although it is not clear whether this enhanced performance was attributable to the transgenic corn per se, or due to possible slight differences in overall composition of the formulated diets, it was clear that the transgenic corn had no deleterious effects in this study.


Bt corn, transgenic corn, Bt maize, transgenic maize, broiler


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Brake, J, D Vlachos. "Evaluation of transgenic event 176 "Bt" corn in broiler chickens. ." Poultry Science 77.5 (1998): 648-653 . Web. 28 May. 2024.


Brake, J., Vlachos, D . (1998). Evaluation of transgenic event 176 "Bt" corn in broiler chickens. . Poultry Science , 77(5), 648-653 .

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